Gainesville GA Auto Accident Attorney Advises Car Accident Victims to Avoid Speaking with the Insurance Firm of the Other Driver

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., a law firm that provides auto accident attorney services, is advising car accident victims to avoid any discussions with the opposing party’s insurance company. The injuries sustained may have a lasting impact on the accident victim, such as not being able to work as they once did. It is a good idea not to talk with the insurance personnel of the opposing party, particularly when it will include providing them with a written or recorded statement. The insurance personnel are actually trained to make the accident victim feel relaxed about sharing relevant information, which they may be able to use in court to counteract the victim’s claim.

Tim Derrickson, a spokesperson for Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., says, “Being involved in an automobile accident in Gainesville, Georgia, can be quite traumatic. You may have rights that have been violated whether it was a little collision or a more significant incident. Never speak with the opposing party’s insurance personnel, especially if you plan to provide them with a recorded or written statement. They are trained professionals to make you feel at ease about sharing this information. They do this in order to gather evidence that they can use against you in court.”

There are a number of insurance companies that have been very successful in using the above-mentioned strategy, enabling them to significantly reduce the settlement. They often offer minor settlements that are not enough to cover the expenses incurred by the victim. They encourage accident victims in Gainesville to talk instead with a personal injury claim attorney from a law firm like Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.

In Georgia, it has been noted that human error is frequently the cause of the majority of car accidents. The usual reasons for such accidents include: drunk driving, making unsafe turns with older drivers, tailgating, new drivers, overspeeding, tire blowouts, wrong way drivers, animals on the road, mechanical errors, driving recklessly, running a red light especially at night, road risks, potholes, driving while under the influence of drugs, and building projects.

Car collisions can result into various types of injuries, depending on the severity of the collision. These include: broken bones, amputations, injury to the spinal cord, injured pelvis, abrasions, bruised ribs, torn ligaments, collapsed lung, internal organ lacerations, disc herniations, brain injuries due to trauma, internal blood loss, injuries to the head and chest, and damage to the extremities.

The accident victim can end up in a lot of debt as the various expenses pile up. The compensation that can be received may include: costs of hospitalization, the cost of future medical care for the injuries sustained, lost income, pain and suffering, overall damage to the victim’s car, collision-related car repairs, transportation loss, and the punitive damages that the accident victim is entitled to because of the negligence of the other driver.

A car accident attorney can help in estimating the cost of rehabilitation and allow the client to get the proper reimbursement. Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. has been helping many accident victims for several years and they can help by: performing investigations to gather evidence; conduct a careful evaluation of the damages; getting the client ready for the trial; taking the case to trial is necessary; and keeping the client always informed.

Founded in 1989, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. has a team of personal injury lawyers ready to help personal injury victims in receiving a fair settlement. All of the attorneys with the firm came from top-notch US colleges and universities, are multilingual, have a wide range of racial and socio-economic backgrounds, and have received awards. They also served as authors for a number of law school journals and the Georgia State Bar Journal. They are licensed to practice law in Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and South Carolina. They are ready to provide a case evaluation for a potential client without any charge.

Those who require the services of a car accident lawyer for Gainesville and nearby areas can visit the Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. website or contact them through the telephone or by email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


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