Leonel Leal is now helping with Covid19 vaccine distribution

Leonel Leal

Leonel Leal

CASA GRANDE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Leonel Leal, the founder of Leonel Leal Consulting, is a well-known and highly regarded supply chain planning consultant. Leonel has over 20 years of expertise managing a high-volume supply chain. He specializes in worldwide purchase policy development and implementation, as well as provider trade deals and collaboration administration. Leonel has also managed Resource Experts, Product Executives, and Project Managers in the past. Leonel worked at NCR Corporation, the world's leading business technology supplier for restaurants, supermarkets, and banks, as a senior manager. Leonel worked for Honeywell Aerospace for 12 years, rising through the echelons from Project Manager to Director of Materials before coming to NCR.

Leonel graduated from DeVry University in Phoenix, Arizona, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He subsequently went on to achieve his master's degree in business administration from Arizona State University (MBA). He is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt lean expert and a delivery network consultant for the Foundation for Supply Chain Management. Leonel Leal Consultants is the pinnacle of his exceptional insight and abilities, enabling him to go out and offer consulting services on his own. Leonel could be able to help businesses integrate their supply chain management (SCM) systems with the remainder of their business to create a unified framework. To promote cross-organizational collaboration, a unified system for a company's logistics and transportation activities would boost performance and save money over time. Leonel Leal Consultants provides effective customer assistance after the advised system is developed to verify that the company's SCM is running well.

Leonel is now helping with Covide19 vaccine distributions. Through his experience, and due to being at the zenith of his career, Leonel is now managing the distribution campaign for a Covid19 vaccine through his supply chain managing tech.

Leonel Leal is super thrilled because of his new consulting agency and the opportunities it is providing for him already. Leonel Leal Consulting is a consulting firm founded by Leonel Leal. Leonel will focus on the area of supply chain management.

First things first, Leonel decided to start the consulting firm because he is also very knowledgeable in the areas of global sourcing, strategy development and execution, supplier contract negotiation, and relationship management, and he wanted to put his expertise to good use by offering assistance and advice through his agency.
Leonel was also a senior manager at NCR Corporation, the world's largest supplier of global point-of-sale (POS) software for retailers and hospitality, as well as the world's largest supplier of multi-vendor ATM software. Leonel also worked for Honeywell Aerospace for 12 years, rising through the ranks from Project Manager to Director of Materials.

From the time he began his professional career a few years ago, Leonel's customer base has expanded at a rapid pace. One of the main factors behind his choice to open the new agency is to draw a larger client base while also supplying them with a professional environment in which to manage their business.

The agency is made up of a variety of experts who will work together to provide the sort of service that the clients need. Furthermore, the agency demonstrated some of the most cutting-edge equipment in order to give clients a hands-on demonstration of what can be achieved in a variety of scenarios. Furthermore, owing to the Covid19 outbreak, his agency has increased air flow and a strict mask policy, making the possibility of contracting the Corona virus on his premises virtually non-existent. It's all part of his strategy to keep customers safe while offering the best possible experience, and the new agency's security measures have also received positive reviews.
Leonel hopes that the new organization would help him increase the quality of his highly respected consulting and management services. It's because he's equipped it with cutting-edge technology that allows him to properly analyze and handle the majority of the issues his clients face, as well as give them a quick rundown of the work that needs to be done. He recently acquired high-end equipment for his agency, which will enable him to explain the business's potential results to his clients and give his service even more recognition. These new devices can help Leonel conduct more detailed evaluations and tests so that he can help his clients prevent problems, outline their work schedule, and collect the information they need to get started on working as quickly as possible. Leonel already has already acquired these devices, which how he managed to improve his work force in a fast manner while providing more quality to it.

Since Leonel Leal Consulting is only in its first year of service, he is unable to comment on profitability at this time. He can guarantee, however, that he is doing everything he can to keep overhead low so that he can have a productive year as soon as possible. In a way, Covid19 has aided Leonel in certain ways because he has been able to conduct several meetings through zoom rather than traveling. For the time being, he has also chosen to work from his home office. These changes have saved him a lot of money and reduced his overhead costs, so he is looking forward to seeing how his first year ends in terms of profit margins.

For the marketing aspect of the agency, Leonel believes that a mix between referrals and social media marketing would make it easier for his agency to attract all sorts of clients. To begin with, Leonel stated that his fist consulting client was a referral from someone he met in a business networking group, which proves that referrals still help one land deals. On top of that, Leonel affirms that making short videos that illustrate your company's mission, services provided, and, most importantly, why you are passionate about what you do. You can share the videos on your preferred social media site (YouTube, Facebook business page, Instagram, even tiktok). Having a social media influence is not only a necessity for a modern company but using it in instances like this can help prospective customers interact with you and choose to do deals with you over someone else.

Through the equipment, experience, and reputation he gained, Leonel managed to land a deal with one of the biggest Covid19 vaccine providers. By making use of his centralized system tech that he developed over the years, Leonel is providing his assistance to the vaccine suppliers so that they can manage their distribution of the vaccine all throughout the world. The spread of the virus throughout the world coupled with the shortage of vaccines made it a priority for all countries to get their hands on vaccines from different providers and that is why Leonel’s agency was tasked with assisting one of these providers to help with the process of distribution, especially since the world is a huge place and it is not easy for anyone to manage a deal with all the demanding countries at once using conventional means.

Basically, this deal is helping the vaccine suppliers to manage the distribution, the countries to acquire the vaccine they need, and Leonel’s agency to boost its profile and reputation while helping to save lives.

As an addition to that, Leonel Leal is also using its social media presence to help spread word about the vaccine provided by the supplier that hired the agency. By spreading word about that supplier, consumers of the vaccine would find it easier to contact that same supplier to get the vaccine, which is a strategy that would help in the distribution of the vaccine while also reducing the overall costs of the process. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the mix between social media marketing and Leonel’s innovative supply chain tech would provide the supplier with a better service than they could have asked for, while making it easier for the whole stock of vaccines to be distributed all around the globe.

The opportunities that Leonel managed to land throughout his career were not a product of luck, but a product of his convictions. Leonel states that success has many various connotations and means different things to different people. On top of that, Leonel success necessitates a deep confidence in oneself and the knowledge that one is capable of achieving his personal and professional objectives. He is very goal-oriented, so he feels it is important to be mindful of his thinking and acting in order to stay focused on achieving his objectives. During difficult times, he maintains a good attitude and is always searching for the right course of action rather than dwelling on obstacles. Every stumbling block is an opportunity for him to rise and staying optimistic is crucial to his success. Leonel also takes a positive outlook towards life and work in order to guarantee that he is guiding and impacting others and therefore keeping ahead of problems. He is well-prepared and never abandons a mission, job, or goal. Leonel was recently featured in Inspirery.

For more information, please call (731) 681-2672 or visit Leonel's Linkedin or Facebook page.

Leonel Leal
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