Roots Renewal Ranch Advises on Teen Betrayal

Argyle, TX – In their newest blog, Roots Renewal Ranch encourages empathy for teens experiencing a betrayal in their lives. Roots Renewal Ranch is a mental health and substance use treatment center for teen girls, located in Argyle, Texas. They bring their expertise to the topic, stating, “Betrayal shouldn’t be taken lightly, no matter how childish the matter may seem from an adult perspective. Any betrayal significant to a teen is significant when it comes to their mental health.”

The first question Roots answers in their piece is, “Is there a science behind betrayal?” No, the blog concludes. It does list some potential reasons, though: Unbalanced levels of trust in the relationship, people sacrificing friendships for something else they want (such as other relationships), a desire to fit in with other people causing hurtful behavior, or a desire for revenge. “There’s no “one size fits all” reason. The only way to know why someone betrayed someone is by asking them, and that can be really hard,” the article expresses.

Next, the blog addresses the emotions teen girls may experience following a betrayal. The daughter will likely experience disappointment and surprise, and feel hurt by a friend who breaks their trust. The blog stresses that grieving lost trust is understandable and important to processing and healing from the betrayal.

Roots Renewal Ranch also addresses betrayal trauma and the grief involved in it. “If you observe someone who has recently been betrayed, you may be able to watch them go through the same stages of grief as any other grieving person: denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance, though scientists in this area have found two other stages when it comes to betrayal trauma: shock and obsession,” the blog explains. The shock stage involves disbelief that the betrayal happened, while the obsession stage is when the teen can’t stop thinking about the betrayal, sometimes to the point of paranoia. The blog once again reminds the audience of the importance of the teen mourning the loss of trust.

There are things parents can do to help ease feelings of betrayal, the blog says. It involves the daughter coming to the parent for help, and Roots Renewal Ranch says it’s important not to pressure her until she’s ready to share her feelings. The blog says parents must make sure their teen knows they care about their feelings, aren’t dismissive when she does talk, and listen with empathy.

The article goes on to suggest ways for girls to manage their feelings following betrayal, including writing out their feelings, talking about them with someone, trying a video or audio diary, investing themselves in hobbies, and practicing self-care. It encourages parents to help in these areas where they can.

“After your teen has taken some time to process her feelings, the next huge and difficult step to take is having a conversation with the person who betrayed her, if she can,” Roots Renewal Ranch continues. It offers tips in this area as well, recommending teens write out their feelings beforehand, and talk face-to-face with the person who betrayed them. They point out that there’s no way to control the other person’s reaction, and that the most important thing is the teen making an effort to make amends so she can find closure in the situation.

The blog ends with a call for forgiveness, pointing out that letting go of the resentment involved in a betrayal will benefit the hurt people involved more than anyone else. Letting that resentment fester can lead to even more problems down the line. Roots Renewal Ranch then goes on to recommend professional mental healthcare if all of the advice in their blog didn’t help, and the teen is still experiencing out-of-control emotions and pain.

Roots Renewal Ranch offers care for teenage girls ages 13-17. Their treatment involves trauma-informed therapy. They also offer options for aggression and have animals on site to aid in teen girls’ healing. Roots Renewal Ranch’s mission is to teach every girl who walks through their doors that she is strong, she is loved, and she is enough. For more information, visit their website or call them at 888-399-0489.


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