The specialist, Hélio Lourenço, 31, portrays a little about the new Panorama within International Logistics in 2023: the readaptations necessary to remain active in the market.

Helio Lourenço da Cruz is a 31-year-old Brazilian specialist in International Logistics with a degree in International Relations and post-graduates in International Logistics and Supply Chain. He is currently an expert in International Logistics/Business and Comex who has been working at Ventana Serra Brazil along more than 8 years.

Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil  “The world is not a single unit of business” says the Young Brazilian businessman, Helio Lourenço da Cruz, who has been ahead of the Northeast business for Ventana Serra Brazil and also ahead of the USA Lane for the sister company located in Miami, has been receiving headlines and recognition throughout America and Europe due his expertise in international business and the understanding of how to build and increase business. Mr. Lourenço also details from his perspective: “I have been working in the Foreign Trade area for 12 years and I can say that no year is like the other.; we are not a single indivisible unit area; the global outlook affects us both positively and negatively as well.”After two incredibly satisfying years for International Logistics companies, 2023 is proving to be challenging and completely different from what its predecessors presented in terms of profitability, international cargo handling and logistical services provided.In the position of Trade Lane Manager for 3 years at the Italian multinational Ventana Serra belonging to the large Italian group Arcese, Hélio Lourenço explains that the big difference between 2023 and the other years (mainly 2021 and 2022) is the drop in international freight in air and maritime – in some origins the maritime freight of equipment called “containers” reduced by more than 100% compared to previous years.

This sharp drop in international freight rates, added to the low demand caused by a reheating economy, means that even large companies, such as the Italian Ventana Serra – born in Italy, but with offices around the world such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, and China – suffer directly in attracting and maintaining the services provided to customers – who are basically importing and exporting companies. The profit margins on international logistics services that could be perpetuated at 20-30% on the value of freight (which in turn were high) now need a new negotiation outfit; where the mathematics for the logistics of international freight is also directly proportional, that is, the lower the value purchased and practiced in the market, the lower the profit margins; which portrays the need to remain competitive in the increasingly fierce market.Even in the face of these impasses, the Specialist in International Logistics, Hélio Lourenço, speaks 3 different languages ​​in addition to native Portuguese (English, Spanish and Italian) and who accumulates in his curriculum large imports of machinery for famous assemblers of cars and very luxury vehicles like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, among others, states that it is possible to reformulate the way in which you negotiate with transport companies and how to relate to your own customers: trying to get even closer to them and diversifying the services provided. Services such as: Customs Clearance, International Insurance, Cargo Storage, Cross Docking, road transport can be added to what was previously limited to international logistics operations – or simply “selling freights and space on vessels” – Ventana Serra offers what is called 360° Logistics - with guarantee proven with its customers and long years of consolidation in the market.

"We believe that Helio Lourenço has excellent knowledge and understanding of international business development, as he has been involved in the industry for over 11 years. He is a strong asset to any business, and will make any company's logistics run smoothly." one of the clients stated.

About Helio Lourenço da Cruz

Helio Lourenço da Cruz, 31 years old, has 11 years of experience in Foreign Trade, International Relations, and International Logistics. Speaks 3 Languages despite of Portuguese and has one of the highest budget results in the current Ventana Serra Brazil.

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About Ventana Serra Brazil

Ventana Serra do Brasil is part of the Arcese Group, which comprises more than 50 companies spread across all continents. Founded in 1997, it plays a leading role among the main logistics operators in the country, with experience and technical knowledge that go beyond expectations.

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