Understanding Reputation Management and How to Benefit from It

Reputation management or sometimes called rep management is managing how the public perceives you or your company. But with reputation management it is much, much more. It also refers to how you influence, control or even conceal your reputation. With it you will be able to close the gap of how you perceive your company and how the public looks at your company.

Importance of Rep Management

It is common for any client to check first if the individual or company’s background is good. Nowadays, almost 90% of consumers would Google the item or the company first before they make a purchase. It is for this reason why it is vital that you have a good offline or online reputation.

There are available reputation management tools that you can use so that you will not be blind to what the people are talking about you, your business and your brand.

Traditional vs Online Rep Management

Offline reputation management is quite the traditional way of promoting your company. It is basically about PR or public relations. Businesses hold promotional events with the press or product launch to shape the perception of the public about your brand.

On the other hand, the more popular way of reputation nowadays is online rep management.  The big difference is that what used to be a word-of-mouth system is now all happening online. That is why many companies are monitoring their online reputation, especially in social media.

Public Matters

Whether you own a fashion house or just a small coffee shop, you would want to know what people are saying about you or your business, because what the public says matters to you and of course your business.

It would not be good for your business to just operate without a care of your customer’s opinion. There could be areas that need improvement and positive feedback can also give you encouragement to continue on.

Keeping an Eye

With the internet reaching people faster and wider, you either make it or break it online. Your business is exposed to anybody’s feedback and some even say that there is nothing you can actually do about it. However, this is where reputation management comes in.

Are you wondering why your business is not picking up even if you’ve done things right?  Maybe you should check the reviews so you can find the answer. You can also track if some fake account is trashing your brand and be able to control it.

Key Points in Rep Management

One key point in rep management is being able to monitor what people say about your business. Monitoring is not limited to your clients but also competitors, key opinion leaders and social media influencers. This way you will understand better where you need to improve or what the problem is.

Another vital point in rep management is being able to respond. The key here is being able to control any damages and even improve your reputation. There are some reputation management tools that can help you understand the situation and solve them.

Look for reliable tools that can help you monitor your company’s comments online.  In addition to this is that you will be able to know more about Google search results and SEO rankings if you have some tools that will help you understand your online customer traffic.

With the help of these tools you will see where you need to make some upgrades. On the other hand there are times that fake reviews can be seen. If this happens, you can execute some Search Engine Reputation management techniques to be able to ease their ranking in Google Search so they will not be on the top when they look for your product or brand.

Where to Look At

If you want to know what kind of reputation you have, look into social media. Most people openly say their opinions online and you directly get it from your clients. We are also talking about blogs, review sites and even forums.

Whether it is a positive or a negative feedback, it is up to you if you want to make a response. Some prefer to address the problem by giving answers before it actually escalates and gets out of proportion.

Another thing you should look into is the Google search online. Many people are using this to search information about certain brands or products. This is where top search engine traffic usually happens.


Social reputation online has now become very relevant. Many companies are able to shape a good image for their business or brand because they are able to manage their reputation well. Instead of the usual recommendation from a friend who used the brand, the client or potential client now has various ways of getting to know and understand the product or business.

This brought direct communication with their customers, creating a more personal approach in their style of marketing or doing business. This way, you will be able to make a good  if not great reputation for your product or company.

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