Atossa Therapeutics backing Endoxifen in the fight against breast cancer

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Atossa Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ATOS) President & CEO Dr. Steven Quay joins Thomas Warner from Proactive to speak about the latest developments in his and the clinical-stage biopharma company's fight against breast cancer.

Dr. Quay gives an overview of ongoing clinical trials centered around their innovative drug, oral Endoxifen. The drug combines oestrogen receptor degradation, suppression, and PKC beta inhibition to combat breast cancer. The trials are conducted at different stages of breast cancer management. One focus is on breast cancer prevention, specifically targeting high mammographic breast density, a significant risk factor.

Dr. Quay emphasises the link between density and cancer risk, noting the potential for changing mammograms' readability and reducing future risk. He goes on to talk about a trial of Endoxifen during what is known as the neoadjuvant window, the period between diagnosis and initial treatment, which is aimed at rapidly reducing tumour activity after diagnosis. These trials, held at Mayo Clinic and UCSF, test the drug's impact on oestrogen-driven cancers, where current treatments often fall short.

Additionally, the CEO discussed Atossa's broader motivations, underscoring breast cancer's prevalence and the immense impact it has on individuals and society. He goes on to discuss the company's financial position. with approximately $99.4 million on the balance sheet as of Q2, enabling continued research and development. Dr. Quay also reveals research collaborations at Weill Cornell Medical Centre targeting triple-negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form. These efforts seek to transform it into a more treatable type, potentially revolutionising treatment options.

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