Efficient Roof Replacement: Why Should You Re-Roof in the Summer?

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Efficient Roof Replacement: Why Should You Re-Roof in the Summer?

Almost all roofing projects across the US are replacements. A roof replacement is beneficial because it provides 100% new materials for improved safety.

When considering how to improve your home or commercial building this summer, it’s critical that you consider the roof replacement process. Read on to learn why.

A Safer Home

A roof is a shield that keeps the outdoors where they should be. It defends against Los Angeles thunderstorms so your home doesn’t flood. It’s a barrier against strong winds that frequently come with autumn, winter, and spring weather.

It also defends against bugs and other pests. When the roof wears down, though, that barrier stops existing. The outside world can come into your home, causing floods and infestations.

Getting new roofing this summer means that you and your home will remain protected all year long.

Better Insulation

In addition to keeping you safe, a high-quality roof insulates your home well. It ensures that your home remains at a comfortable temperature even under the scorching California sun. Insulation also means less condensation and potentially dangerous mold buildup.

Insulating your home well can also decrease electric bills since you won’t need to run your HVAC system constantly. The air will remain comfortable and contained on its own.

Fewer Project Delays

At this point, you’re likely wondering: “How long does roof replacement take?” The answer depends on your planning.

Many people replace their roofs in the fall as they anticipate the upcoming winter. This leads to potential project delays since lots of clients are asking for renovations at once.

Winter and spring are generally colder, even in sunny Los Angeles. There has even been snow in recent years. These weather conditions could lead to slower project times, which is inconvenient and avoidable.

By scheduling your roof replacement in the summer, you avoid these potentially lengthy delays to your project while improving your safety quickly.

Solar Powered Solutions

There are a wide range of quality roofing materials. Chandler offers classic options like asphalt and tile in a wide range of colors. Because these materials can last for decades, they make great investments for both residential and commercial property owners.

You can also choose Timberline Solar shingles to decrease your energy use and lower your bills. These shingles are different from tiles and panels because they’re not heavy or rack-mounted. This means that the roof won’t be damaged by holes in its membrane.

Solar shingles afford all of the same advantages as traditional alternatives because they can contend with winds that go up to 130 miles per hour. You can stay safe, boost insulation, combat storms, and keep your house looking great while reaping financial benefits.

Begin the Roof Replacement Process

Now that you know some reasons to consider a roof replacement this summer, it’s time to begin planning your home renovations. Our Los Angeles team has provided high-quality roofing to clients since 1942 and is excited to bring our knowledge and experience to your home project.

We offer shingles and solar solutions to help you decrease your electricity bill, so contact Chandler Roofing to begin saving money in the long term.

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