agileKRC Announces Launch of AgilePM Foundation Online Course in London, on 17th June, 2024

London, England -

agileKRC Ltd. has officially launched an innovative AgilePM Foundation online course, specifically designed for professionals engaged in Agile project environments, as well as those transitioning from traditional project frameworks. Announced in London on the 17th of June, 2024, this new educational platform aims to facilitate the mastery of the AgilePM method, endorsed by the Agile Business Consortium. The course is set to empower organizations and individuals who seek to adopt a scalable and proven approach to Agile project management, enhancing their capabilities to manage projects effectively amidst evolving market demands. It represents a strategic development in professional training, promising substantial enhancements in project delivery effectiveness.

Simon Buehring, Managing Director of agileKRC, expressed his enthusiasm for the program, stating, "The AgilePM Foundation course is designed to not only elevate the project management skills of individuals but also to integrate seamlessly into the ongoing processes of any organization. It acts as a critical step towards achieving professional agility and excellence." This quote underlines the commitment of agileKRC to provide a curriculum that is deeply rooted in real-world applications and tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses. The course aims to equip professionals with the tools necessary to thrive in dynamic environments through a comprehensive understanding of Agile principles and practices.

To explore more about the AgilePM Foundation course or to register, interested parties can visit agileKRC’s official AgilePM Foundation page. This online resource provides detailed course content, enrolment instructions, and additional insights into how this training can transform an individual's approach to project management. agileKRC is committed to delivering a curriculum that not only encompasses the core aspects of AgilePM but also adapts to the participant's learning pace, ensuring a thorough and flexible educational experience. This initiative highlights the accessibility and practicality of gaining accredited Agile project management skills from a leading training provider.

Simon Buehring further articulated the broader implications of the course, "Through the AgilePM Foundation course, we are setting a new standard in project management training. Our aim is to bridge the gap between traditional methodologies and modern agile practices, thereby enhancing organizational effectiveness and adaptability.” His perspective reaffirms agileKRC's role in shaping a future where Agile methodologies are more comprehensively understood and implemented across various sectors. By fostering a deeper understanding and practical skills among professionals, the course is expected to lead to more responsive and successful project management outcomes, tailored to the complex challenges of today’s business environments.

The launch of the AgilePM Foundation course is anticipated to set a precedent for the future of project management education. As businesses continue to navigate uncertain and rapidly changing environments, the demand for agile skillsets is expected to rise, underscoring the relevance of this course. agileKRC predicts that this trend will not only continue but will accelerate, as more organizations recognize the benefits of agile practices in achieving greater operational flexibility and efficiency. Ultimately, this could lead to a paradigm shift in how projects are managed globally, fostering a new era of project management that is more adaptive, collaborative, and aligned with evolving business and technological landscapes.

For further information about agileKRC and its offerings, including detailed course descriptions and registration options, please visit their main website. As leaders in Agile project management training, agileKRC continues to provide valuable resources and support for professionals seeking to advance their careers through specialized training programs. Visit the Agile certification page of agileKRC’s web site to discover how their courses can help oneself or one's organization stay ahead in a competitive and ever-changing project management landscape.


For more information about agileKRC, contact the company here:

Jay Gao
20 Old Bailey,
London EC4M 7AN,
United Kingdom.

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