HODL Launches Moonshot: The First Play-to-Earn Game in its Ecosystem

San Francisco, California -

HODL, the trailblazing DeFi project renowned for its innovative approach to income generation, has reached another milestone with the launch of its first play-to-earn (P2E) game, Moonshot. This marks a significant expansion of the HODL ecosystem, introducing an exciting avenue for users to engage with the project while earning rewards.

Prepare for lift-off with Moonshot! Moonshot invites players to embark on an interstellar adventure, navigating between planets, harnessing power-ups, and collecting bonuses along the way. With 100 Billion HODL tokens up for grabs throughout May, the game offers both thrilling gameplay and lucrative rewards.

"We're thrilled to introduce Moonshot as the inaugural P2E game within the HODL ecosystem," says the HODL CEO. "This launch represents a major step forward in our mission to provide users with diverse earning opportunities while fostering community engagement and participation."

Players can join the excitement by visiting the official HODL website and connecting their wallets. Moonshot offers two modes of play: free-play mode and Easy level. In Easy mode, players can compete for prizes by accumulating high scores on the leaderboard. Prizes will be airdropped at the end of May, providing players with tangible rewards for their participation. Visit the HODL website here: https://hodltoken.net

To participate in Moonshot and other upcoming P2E games, users need energy, which serves as the entry requirement for games with prizes. Energy can be obtained by holding HODL Hands NFTs in their wallets or purchased with BNB, HODL, and HODLX tokens. Additionally, free energy can be earned by playing the free-play mode, further enhancing accessibility and inclusivity within the HODL ecosystem.

The launch of Moonshot marks the beginning of an exciting journey for HODL's P2E gaming initiative. In the coming weeks, the project plans to introduce more levels and new prizes each month, offering continuous excitement and opportunities for players. Titles of the upcoming games include Gem Miner, Crypto Slash, Solitaire, and Coin Catcher. Additionally, the studio-scale game Gem Fighter will offer endless battles and endless fun.

"We're committed to delivering a truly innovative P2E ecosystem that not only entertains but also empowers our community," adds the HODL CEO. "Revenue from play-to-earn will further fuel the reward pool for $HODL token investors and fund further development of the ecosystem. With Moonshot leading the way, we look forward to shaping the future of play-to-earn gaming and revolutionizing the way users interact with DeFi projects."

Hold HODL HandsĀ® NFTs for gaming energy, enter high-stakes minigames, and earn $HODL, $HODLX, and NFTs. Every game played not only fills up one's wallet but also helps the whole HODL community through rewards and buybacks. With Moonshots, a high-stakes interstellar adventure awaits. Join the HODL community today and embark on a P2E journey with Moonshot.

For more information about HODL, its ecosystem, new game Moonshots, and their unique Play-to-Earn offerings visit their site here: https://hodltoken.net/play-to-earn

About HODL Token:
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For more information about HODL, contact the company here:

Adam Roberts
1460 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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