James Khuri Shares Insights on How ApeCoin Is Vertically Integrated Into the Crypto Marketplace

As the ApeCoin ecosystem flourishes, entrepreneur James Khuri offers a first-hand look at the cryptocurrency's vertically integrated place in the market.

SAN FRANSISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / MAY 18, 2022 / ApeCoin is an all-new build-it-yourself cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum blockchain, designed from the ground up to power collaboration. The coin, launched in mid-March, has attracted massive praise for its innovative take on the existing crypto market. It's also uniquely positioned for vertical integration into the same space, according to entrepreneur James Khuri.

"ApeCoin is uniquely positioned within the crypto marketplace to control currency, NFTs, and virtual real estate," says James Khuri of the token, speaking from his office in Los Angeles, California.

James Khuri is a successful entrepreneur with a vast real estate portfolio. He's further closely involved in various e-commerce endeavors, with a particular focus on large-scale order fulfillment for the likes of Amazon and Walmart. Elsewhere, Khuri is the co-founder of a celebrated nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational aid to those in need.

The philanthropic businessman is also an authority on the crypto market. Of ApeCoin specifically, the successful California-based entrepreneur believes that the recently launched currency benefits significantly in several key areas. That's not least since, he says, the token itself is vertically integrated into the existing crypto marketplace.

"ApeCoin embraces the importance of innovation in the crypto space," Khuri explains. "By incubating and developing a unique ecosystem, it's also perfectly placed for vertical integration into the current crypto marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain."

ApeCoin is the native governance token empowering the decentralized community forming the APE ecosystem in which it exists. The currency is what's known as an ERC-20 token. It's also closely tied into the burgeoning NFT space, James Khuri reports.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are financial securities made up of digital assets stored on the blockchain. Like cryptocurrencies, the blockchain serves as a form of distributed ledger for NFTs. It's where ownership is recorded, and the means by which transfers are controlled. As a result, all NFTs can be traded using this ledger-type setup.

However, unlike NFTs, ApeCoins are meant to be fungible rather than non-fungible - just like Bitcoin. "Accordingly, any ApeCoin is worth the same as other tokens in the APE ecosystem," expert James Khuri points out.

At the same time, Khuri further believes that ApeCoin's pioneering approach to virtual real estate is another major distinguishing factor regarding the token's place in the crypto market. "The token's collaborative ecosystem allows individuals to secure virtual land in the metaverse," notes the entrepreneur, offering additional insight into the landscape surrounding the popular cryptocurrency.

"Virtual land sales are a largely new phenomenon," adds Khuri, "but one that's proliferating and central to ApeCoin's vertically integrated place in today's crypto market."

Born in Rochester, New York, James Khuri attended the University of Rochester where he pursued a Business Administration major from the Simon Business School. Now based in California, Khuri is the name behind Performance Properties, Khuri Enterprises, and FJ Holdings, among other endeavors. A serial entrepreneur, when he's not working on his business empire, he enjoys weight training, hiking, and spending time with his family.

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