FMUSER Introduces an Turnkey Hotel IPTV Solution for the Hospitality Sector with Full IPTV Hardware and Content Distribution System

FMUSER Introduces an Turnkey Hotel IPTV Solution for the Hospitality Sector with Full IPTV Hardware and Content Distribution System
FMUSER Hotel IPTV System Connection Diagram
FMUSER Broadcast, the professional supplier of radio station equipment, announced its first turnkey hotel IPTV system aimming at multi-channel IPTV coverage for hospitality worldwide, including complete IPTV hardware such as IPTV hardware encoder, IPTV hardware server, IPTV set-op boxes and IRDs. Content distribution system is also packaged on-ready for hotel managers and hotel engineers.

Click the link below and download user manul of FMUSER hotel IPTV solution:

This hotel IPTV solution includes following equipment:


2. FBE208 4-way HDMI hardware encoder

3. FMUSER FBE800 IPTV server that allows 40 IP inputs

4. Network switches

5. Set-top boxes

6. Cables and accessories

7. Ethernet cables for the engineering room to the guest's rooms

8. Stable power supply

9. Televisions for guests' room

10. RF cable for satellite dish

11. Satellite dish

12. Devices with HDMI output

This hotel IPTV system is designed to significantly increase revenue for hospitality with any budget, supports customizing (quantity or quality) any hardware in the list to increase hotel advertising coverage and meet the budget, such as set-top boxes, IPTV hardware encoders or IRDs.

"Some traditional hotels hope to extend the stay of guests, improve the check-in experience and, most importantly, improove hotel turnover," said Jimmy Lao, director of FMUSER Broadcast hotel IPTV solutions. "I am pleased to provide these hoteliers with a comprehensive and cost-effective hospitality IPTV solution of multiple channels coverage for the hotel guests, including a variety of high-quality IPTV hardware, and allow customization of quantities and standards based on their actual needs."In addition to complete IPTV hardware, the IPTV content management system will present customized content through IPTV set-top boxes in guest rooms, including:

1. Custom welcome words and interface (video or picture can be used as background)

2. Custom menu and interface (with several buttons for custom content)

3. Dozens of HDTV live programs and custom program input

4. Content forced streaming (e.g. hotel ads)

5. Hotel functional room introduction interface (such as hotel parent-child room or top floor bar, supports content customization)

6. Online catering order interface (supports custom price info, food pictures and introduction)

7. Scenery introduction interface around the hotel (cooperate with surrounding merchants to increase hotel revenue)

8. VOD video on demand interface (supports custom introduction text, pictures and videos)

FMUSER hotel IPTV solution online food ordering section

To learn more about FMUSER hotel IPTV solution, please visit:

"This is a powerful hotel IPTV system that focuses on high user interaction, it allows you to advertise your hotel through multimedia, including video, pictures, scrolling subtitles, etc.," said Tomleequan, sales director of FMUSER, "For the loyal customers, their first choice for accommodation will be your hotel - combining content Management system, this solution allows you to interact with users according to the actual situation of the hotel. You can provide the guests with high quality IPTV content, online catering order services, and recommendations for eating, drinking and entertainment around, which will help greatly increase your hotel's turnover."

FMUSER's IPTV for hotels is a turnkey solution that is Low cost with half the price as any of our competitors and performs well even under constant working 24/7. As a highly integrated UI framework, this hospitality system can also seamlessly lead your guests to the designated merchants around your hotel and helps increase your turnover. Besides, this hopitality IPTV solution is designed with multiple channels coverage and supports various programs input such as self-made program, satellite program, IP programs, etc.

"We currently have our first hotel IPTV system installed in a local hotel of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and have positive feedback, I look forward to soon deploy this hotel IPTV solutions to hotels with dozens of hundreds of guests rooms," Tomleequan concluded.

About FMUSER Broadcast

FMUSER Broadcast is a professional manufacturer and supplier of radio station equipment and hotel IPTV systems. FMUSER Broadcast, headquartered in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, provides complete technical solutions tailored to the specific needs of the business environment with its dedicated engineering and customer support team. Its radio equipment product line covers the main bands of AM, TV and FM, and is responsible for the system integration, turnkey radio solutions and online service support. As a new product line, the hotel IPTV system was first released in 2022 and has been successfully deployed to dozens of large hotels in many countries/regions.

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