The US prepares to launch digital dollar: pilot projects of Bitcoin’s competitor will start within a year

The Digital Dollar Foundation and Accenture company will launch the first five digital dollar pilot projects over the next 12 months. The US Federal System is awaiting the results of these programs.

The United States is no longer going to ignore the popularity and effectiveness of digital and cryptocurrencies. Instead, America plans to implement its own full-fledged digital dollar.

According to the economists’ opinion, it will be a real revolution in the US economy and the whole world’s financial system. As a result of the launch of the digital dollar, the global economy will receive two types of basic money at once.

At the same time, according to the Bloomberg edition, perhaps the Federal Reserve System will not create a digital dollar. Then other central banks will do it. But in any case, a new digital currency is on the way.

Many business people want to be among the first to take advantage of the new opportunities that the digital dollar will open. After all, this innovation will change everything: the ways and principles of doing business in the United States, taxes in the country, procedures, and many rules in the American markets. For those looking for ways to catch the first digital train, the United States offers three reliable and straightforward options: the EB-5, E-2, and L-1 visas.

Moving to the USA for investors
  • EB-5 is an investor immigrant visa. You can get it for investments in a business project managed by a regional center — the amount is $900,000 if the project is located in a rural US region, or $1,800,000 if the project is located in a developed area. This visa allows you to get a Green Card and become a full-fledged citizen of the United States of America. Find out more about this option by following the link

Note! The EB-5 Regional Center Program is currently on hold. It is not yet known when the program will be resumed.

  • E-2 is a nonimmigrant visa. The E-2 visa will not allow emigrating to the United States. But it gives the right to the investor and their family members to live, study and do business in the States. To obtain it, you need to invest in a business in the United States: buy a ready-made one, invest in a part of an existing and working one, or open your own. The minimum investment amount has not been established, but based on the experience of the program participants, you need to invest at least $100,000.

Note! Not all countries have an agreement that allows you to obtain an E-2 visa. For example, it is not available to citizens of the Russian Federation. Usually, Russians get second citizenship — for example, in the Caribbean or in Montenegro, and only then apply for an E-2 visa.

  • L-1 is a work visa that eventually allows you to get a Green Card and a US passport. To obtain it, an investor must be a company manager, open a branch in America, arrange an official service transfer from a foreign company to an American unit, and hire new employees. At the same time, the investor must also have at least a year of leadership experience in a firm working for at least three years outside the United States.

Obtaining any of these visas is much easier if you use the expert services of migration agencies. For example, the Migronis company collects all the papers, fills out questionnaires, obtains certificates, translates and apostles all documents, communicates with the migration service, and accompanies the investor all the way — from choosing a visa to receiving it.

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