Cannabis Company Hollister Biosciences Inc created new highs in stock after signing deal with Tommy Chong

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Tommy Chong’s Cannabis™ Full Spectrum Elixir 1:1 is now Manufactured and Distributed by HOLL:CSE

Hollister, Feb 10, 2020 ( - Over the years there have been multiple companies in the California cannabis industry but it has never been known with certainty which of them is in the lead. Due to high state-wide distribution costs, it is more difficult to establish it. Hollister Biosciences a company with a high margin model has made a smart move partnering with an activist and influencer in the world of cannabis use, Tommy Chong, bringing a celebrity-branded THC & CBD tincture products to market. 

HOLL, only growing

Hollister Biosciences Inc. (CSE: HOLL) (FRA: HOB) was founded in 2017 based in California is vertically integrated cannabis company with a vision to be the sought-after premium brand portfolio of innovative, high-quality California-grown cannabis & hemp products. Hollister uses a vertically integrated model, controlling the whole process from manufacture to sales to distribution or seed to shelf.

Hollister currently manufactures hash, tinctures, hash infused products, crumble infused products, pre-roll, and other cannabis products under several proprietary brands and as white label products. The Company intends to be an integrated company operating across the entire cannabis value chain, cultivating, manufacturing and producing cannabis and cannabis products. Further, the Company intends to move into the hemp market.

Manufacturing and Packaging Process

Hollister products are packaged, labeled and prepared for distribution prior to leaving the Facility. The Company uses state of the art equipment to fill vape cartridges, capsules, tincture bottles, and other products and to efficiently package and label its products.

Distribution Methods Hollister has an exclusive distribution agreement in place with Indus Holdings ("Indus", CSE: INDS, OTC: INDXF). Indus is the licensed California distributor that operates the WAYV platform. Indus currently manages all of Hollister's product fulfillment obligations, allowing Hollister to focus its efforts on production and marketing. Indus provides Hollister with full brand representation by utilizing its 14 sales reps to represent Hollister's product to the California marketplace.  Through its agreement with Indus, Hollister's products are now present in 170 dispensaries throughout the state of California. Hollister Bioscience's brandsHash Bones: They are a pre-roll made from 75% cannabis flower blended in small batches with 25% bubble hash. This results in a more potent pre-roll. It also maintains the integrity of cannabis. Terpenes are preserved in the bubble hash production process. Bubble hash is made without solvents or chemicals and is one of the cleanest concentrates available on the market.Mighty Meds: Hollister acquired Mighty Meds as its vape brand. The Company's vape products are manufactured from pure THC distillate and plant-based terpenes and do not use any additives that have been linked to health issues. Purity Petibles: CBD pet tincture is manufactured using full-spectrum CBD, organic MCT Oil derived from coconuts and chicken flavor. The MCT Oil and chicken flavor used in Purity Petibles is food grade.NanoPure: nano-emulsified cannabis concentrate which will be sold both wholesale as an ingredient for other companies and power products for Hollister Cannabis Co. NanoPure is currently manufactured using sonic technology to shear the THC/CBD molecule into smaller sizes that are encapsulated in a nano-emulsion.White Label: The Company manufactures pre-rolls, infused pre-rolls and packages flower into 3.5 gram and 1 gram packages as "white label" products other licensed California cannabis companies. Those companies then distribute their own products.



Tommy Chong, the cannabis culture icon

Known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin, as well as playing the character Leo on Fox's That '70s Show.

Cancer diagnosis

Chong announced on June 9, 2012, that he is battling prostate cancer. He described cancer "as a slow stage one [that I've] had for a long time." He said that he had been drug-free for about three years, during which time he began having prostate-related problems. On July 15, 2012, Chong tweeted that the hemp oil treatment he'd been using to cure his cancer was effective and that he is "99% cancer-free." However, on June 16, 2015, Chong stated that he had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and was "using cannabis like crazy" in order to endure the treatment.


An intelligent partnership

Companies know that consumers have a certain amount of trust in celebrities and influencers. This is why you see famous actors selling everything from car insurance to cheeseburgers. The cannabis industry is unique in that certain celebrities have widely known connections to weed. Hollister's new partnership is with one of the most famous cannabis-linked celebrities of all time in Tommy Chong and his Tommy Chong's Cannabis tinctures. Tommy Chong's reputation should go a long way in convincing consumers to go out and purchase the product and the fact that Chong has over 10 million social media followers is an added bonus. If the partnership is as successful as anticipated, Hollister will likely license and produce additional Tommy Chong-branded products in the future.

It must be considered that the brand strategy and the optimal marketing will guarantee a substantial growth of the company therefore this is also huge step into the trends of cannabis's market.

For now financial charts provided by the Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited (CRISIL) shows HOLL's behavior in the stock exchange. The Tommy Chong news came out after market close on February 7 so HOLL's bullish price action hasn't yet factored in this great new deal is expected to open strongly on Monday, February 10.



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