June 8, 2005
  Dear Fellow Stockholder:
       We recently mailed you proxy material in connection with our First
Annual Meeting of Stockholders to be held on June 23, 2005.  According to our
records, we have not yet received your proxy.
       It is very important that your shares be voted, regardless of the
number of shares you own.
       Please take a moment to VOTE your shares by returning your proxy in the
envelope provided.  If your shares are held with a broker or bank, you can
also vote by telephone or the internet by following the enclosed instructions. 
       We also wish to point out a correction in the proxy materials we
previously sent to you.  In the proxy materials we indicated that broker
non-votes will be counted as a vote against the proposals to ratify the Stock
Option and Recognition and Retention Plans (Proposals 2 and 3).  Broker
non-votes will be counted in determining whether there is a quorum present at
the annual meeting but will not be treated the same as a vote against either
Proposals 2 or 3 unless you give your broker or nominee specific instructions 
to vote against the proposal.
  Thank you for your cooperation and support.
  /s/ Daniel L. Stevens
  Daniel L. Stevens
  Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer